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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Farthingales L.A. and Vogue Fabrics



Farthingales L.A. Announces New Distributorship with Vogue Fabrics of Evanston Illinois

Santa Monica, California, January 5, 2010 FARTHINGALES L.A. INC., a leading provider of corset and costume supplies, today announced they have extended their distribution channel through a new agreement with Vogue Fabrics Store a well known fabric retailer for over 50 years with 3 locations in Illinois and a strong web presence.

Effective immediately, the agreement entitles Vogue Fabrics Store the rights to resell FARTHINGALES L.A. INC.'s basic selection of hoop steel, busks and boning including Farthingales unique and superior Euro Bones, in the USA via Vogue Fabrics’s network of retail outlets and internet site. FARTHINGALES L.A. INC. will be able to strengthen its presence in the U.S. market. Vogue Fabrics presently sells fabrics and notions, and an extensive selection of sewing tools via three locations in the Chicago area and on-line. They also offer wholesale prices on many items.

“Vogue Fabrics’s network will definitely provide us with the market penetration needed to reach our full sales potential. FARTHINGALES L.A. INC. has considered many distribution partners and we are confident that Vogue Fabrics’s reputation and extensive experience and shipping capability will help us leverage our position in the U.S. market,” said Linda Sparks - President.

European steel bones have been our strength and we have been the sole source of these and of German Plastic bones that theatres across the Continent now use regularly for more than just corsets. This is an incredibly versatile product and the only plastic bone with these qualities. Linda Sparks of Farthingales has herself been a costumer and understands the advantages of the product she sells. She only sells product she knows will meet the demands of theatre. Rogie Sussman Faber of Vogue Fabrics originally broached the idea of a distributorship over year ago. “I’d seen Farthingales products a few years ago and knew they would make a great addition to what we carry. We bought a small amount of product to test it out and the response was so good we wanted more.” “We’ve really enjoyed working with costumers and are excited about what this collaboration will bring. Linda knows so much and shares her information so we can feel confident that we can serve our customers as well with this product as with all our others.”


Founded in 1997 FARTHINGALES is the source of the popular 6mmx.6mm Spring Steel bones and German Plastic bones. Farthingales is known for quality product and an informative web site. The company’s mission is to keep the ART of corset making alive. FARTHINGALES L.A. INC. currently serves over 6,000 clients in World Wide. Linda Sparks is the Author of “The Basics of Corset Building” and the creator of Rye and Ginger Corset Kits which are only available from Vogue Fabrics Store web site. For more information about FARTHINGALES L.A. INC. or Vogue Fabrics Store, visit its website at and


VOGUE FABRICS owns a network of retail locations and is known for its wide range of fabrics, great prices and excellent customer service. Vogue Fabrics has extensive experience in internet sales and shipping..

For more information please contact:

Linda Sparks - President

Phone: 1-310-392-1787


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