Corset Making Supplies

Corset Making Supplies
A corset can be worn in any way you imagine

Monday, February 6, 2017

Downloadable Corset Pattern

Farthingales has created an easy corset pattern that can be purchased and down-loaded along with instructions. There's also a video to guide you through corset pattern alterations!

This super easy corset pattern has only 4 pattern pieces; eight pieces in total - 4 for each side of the body. With so few seams to sew, this corset is fairly quick to make even for those who have never made a corset before. So, if you're wanting to make your first corset, give this a try.

This is a waist cincher corset pattern and it's a great option for those who want to make a corset but have no or little experience.

Linda Sparks used this pattern for her Craftsy Class "Custom Corsets: Bones, Casings and Busks" to make the waist cincher corset in the class.

This pattern was also used for these corsets.

Here's a link to the video on "How to Alter a Corset Pattern"

To get the corset pattern, check out the Farthingales Corset Pattern Page the down-loadable corset patterns are at the bottom. You'll need to know your waist measurement in order to choose your size; there are a few sizes to each pattern down-load.

Corset making is not that hard when you have the right tools and take it step by step. It is a learning process and knowing how to sew a straight line really helps but if you can't sew a straight line - don't worry you can still make a corset have to start somewhere!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

My Corset Making History

It was 1987...a rather long time ago...over half of my life ago! I was working as a junior costume maker at Canada's largest costume shop and they offered and "off season" class in corset making. I was looking to expend my skills but really didn't know much about corsets at all, and signed up for the class.
The teacher was an older woman, at least I thought she was, now I realize she was likely only a few years older than I am now! She was originally from Holland I think and had a delightful sense of humor as well as skill both as a corset maker and teacher.

We didn't learn to draft a pattern and we didn't get to make corsets that fit us, nor did we get to keep the corsets we made - they were added to the theatres stock but we all loved the process and had a great week. I still have a picture of us on the last day with our finished corsets. If I can find it I'll scan it and post it (it was taken in the days of film). We did each get to choose the fashion fabric we wanted to use from a selection that was provided and we di get to try the corsets on when we were done - despite them not being our size. I was captivated by the process and when I tried on the finished corset I was hooks; who knew I could look like that!

There were few opportunities to meet corsets in the costuming future, but I did make corset type bodices for various productions such as the North American premiere of the Phantom of the Opera and other lesser plays.

Once children arrived in my life, I left costume production and focused on running my own company "Farthingales" in 1998. The hours were better and more flexible and I was able to focus more on the things that I wanted to do, while still making a living.  Farthingales was one of the very first companies online selling costume and corset making supplies.  I did my research on developing the company at the local library, because like everyone else I knew, I did not own a computer. I started to make more corsets in order to understand how best to use the corset supplies I want to sell and promote.  In reality it was an excuse, I really just wanted to explore corset making techniques and how to refine the process and make it faster, yet still end up the durable and supportive garment.

The teaching and learning led to my writing the book "The Basics of Corset Building" which is published by Macmillan press.  In a way I suppose writing the book was self-serving, as it meant I would no longer have to answer the hundreds of emails that came in asking many of the same questions.  I assumed when I wrote the book and when I taught basic classes, that people would use that information as a springboard to their own exploration of corset building.  In many cases this is in fact what happened but in many more, people wanted more knowledge.  I've continued to teach both basic corset making, and more specialized corset making classes at conferences and by invitation, but I've also tried to create a series of downloadable books that address specific corset making questions.  This series of books was written by the end of 2011 and sent off to the publisher as one book with 28 chapters. They were concerned about the in excess of 400 pages (alomost 500) and the salability of it.  They were not interested in making it into smaller booklets, so it was time to discover how to sell these books on my own.  They all chronicle a corset project or two that I have undertaken either on my own or with someone to help with sewing - while I photographed and wrote about the process.It wasn't long until I was sharing my knowledge both online and in classes throughout the US and Canada.  The more I taught, the more I learned.  When you teach, students ask questions that you haven't thought of, they asked questions that you know the answers to but  have long forgotten that you once asked to.

If you're not familiar with these downloadable books you can read more about them at

Not all the chapters are on-line yet, I get one up every couple of months and wish I had more time to work on them.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

How to Finish the Ends of Corset Bones

Ever have difficulty finishing the cut end of steel bones?

This video may help and there are several other corset making themed videos on the Farthingales Channel.  Just click on the title of this post.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Spiral Bones; How to Choose

Not sure what a spiral bone is?

A spiral bone is a flat and relatively narrow strip of steel wires that have been coiled together and flattened.

Spiral bones; one capped with a "U" tip and the other "dipped"

Spiral bones are commonly used in corset making, they add flexible support to the corset, and to the body wearing the corset. While corsets are what spiral bones were designed for (back in the 1900’s), they can be used anywhere that some flexible support is required…I’ve known them to be used in men’s doublets, ballet bodices, soft boots (up either side of the ankle), in the princess seams of contemporary ladies suits (well, that was back in the 90’s) and to make choker style jewelry.

So, how can a spiral bone be so versatile?

Spiral bones come is various widths and are sold both by the piece and by the yard/meter, which means you have choices. This article may help you understand how to choose the spiral boning you need.

The smallest spiral bone available (at least readily available) is 4mm wide which is about 3/16 of an inch.

4mm wide spiral bone with "U" tips
These are delicate and will not offer support to a body but will support smaller sized gowns; you can use them in the seams of the body of a gown to keep the lines of the gown smooth…the body wearing it will still need to wear a bra. You can also use them in corset making – place two, three or four side by side to get the support needed.
Two 4mm spiral bones in one bone casing (that was stitched down the center)

The most common size of spiral bone is 6mm or approximately 1/4 of an inch wide; the wires on these are a bit thicker than the wires of a 4mm spiral bone so they are more supportive and can be used in any corset where you want to enhance curves.

6mm Spiral Bones by the piece and by the yard/meter

A lesser known spiral bone size is 7mm which is also very close to ¼ of an inch wide but the 7mm wide spiral bones have a thicker wire than the 6mm size so while they are about the same width, the 7mm is more supportive than the 6mm. The 7mm spiral bones are sold only by the yard/meter

There are also 11mm and 7/16 of an inch wide spiral bones and they are the most supportive spiral bones as the wires are thickest.  The 11mm wide spiral bones at Farthingales are nickel free and are only available in pre-finished lengths. These larger bones are perfect for larger bodies as they offer more support and are more proportional to the body size.

There are "U" shaped tips available for all sizes of spiral bones; so if you cut the bones to the length you need, you can cap the cut ends to blunt them. 

To see a video on how to cut and tip spiral bones click HERE

 All spiral bones are flexible, they function much like whale bone stays used to in that they can flex in any direction. This means that they enhance curves rather than minimizing them. It also means they should not be used to support the grommets - if you lace the back of a corset and place these bones on either side of the grommets - the center back of your corset will become distorted as the bones are not strong enough for this purpose.
There is no perfect spiral bone size, it's a matter of which bone is right for your project. I suggest ordering a few bones of each size to keep as reference; then you can test the bones with each project and order those you want/need.
For more information on these products and products related to them visit Farthingales Corset Making Supplies      Especially of interest is the new Bone Tipping Tool.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

And the Winners are...

Canada Cups Blog Tour...had some prizes to win...

Giveaway Winners are...

Are you one of the lucky 10?

  1. Lavender and Lace bra-making class from Braphoria: Reece Montgomery (Canada)
  2. Two $25 CAD store credit certificates (for you and a friend) from Bra-makers Supply: Denise Marie (USA)
  3. Exclusive pre-release Latte bra kit from The Emerald Studio: Jodi Barrington (Canada)
  4. Complete bra kit including findings, underwires, and lace from Uplift Custom Bras: Angela Smith (Canada)
  5. The Sophie Swimsuit online class, incl. PDF pattern from Closet Case Files: Yiling (USA)
  6. $50 CAD store credit from Blackbird Fabrics: Chelle (USA) [Not again! This woman has a horseshoe hidden somewhere!]
  7. $25 CAD gift card from Ann’s Fabric Shop & a PDF pattern from Jalie: Jeannie (USA)
  8. $50 CAD gift card from Central Sewing Machines: Patricia (Canada)
  9. Complete bra kit from Custom Bras: Kelly Boggs (Canada)
  10. The 10th prize is a bundle of 3 classes from Craftsy, worth more than $200 USD. Their Giveaway is still open until tonight, 11:59 PM MST. This lucky skunk of a winner will be notified directly by Craftsy. (I’m so jelly!)

If not, don't despair you can still get in on some great discounts!

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—> Get the two Craftsy classes Marsha reviewed. If you love the look of corsets (they’re hot this Fall), and you can operate your sewing machine, then you definitely want to pick up at least one of these classes: Sewing Corsets: Essential Techniques – Alison Smith and/or Custom Corsets: Bones, Casings & Busks – Linda Sparks. Expires: Sept. 30
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Monday, September 19, 2016

Canada Cups Blog Tour - Time to Enter to Win

Don't forget - prizes will be announced tomorrow enter now

You could win a prize!
Enter TO WIN, by Noon TUESDAY, September 20th at:
 Seam of My Pants  
(one of the blog site stops on this Blog Tour).

Prize winners will be posted here on Tuesday Afternoon

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Canada Cups Blog Tour for Bras, Corsets and Panties!

The Canada Cups blog tour has come to an end. If you followed the tour you’ll have read a blog or two every day that outlined someone’s experience as they followed an on-line underwear (making bras, panties or corsets) class by mostly Canadian instructors on “Craftsy”; the on-line platform with more creative classes than anywhere else! Some classes have been taken by more than one blogger so you get to read about more than one person’s experience – what a great way to find out about classes you thought you may want to take!

For those involved in creating this amazing blog tour it’s been a huge amount of work as they not only had to write about the classes they took, they also had to learn about so many technical bits for Facebook and Blogging – it scrambled my brain at times and I wasn’t taking a class and having to write about it too!

The blog tour has been an awesome if overwhelming experience, for as challenging as it was it brought so many women together, many of whom have never met! It also got them sharing their challenges behind the scenes and on their blogs.  If you haven’t been a part of the tour or if you missed some of the blogpost stops along the way, there is a list below – check them out, and applaud the effort it took each woman to create the garment and to work to the time line.

And...let's face it, if it weren't for "Craftsy" this blog tour would never have come into being. Craftsy has given millions of us (yes, literally millions of us!) the opportunity to take classes we'd never have access to otherwise. They gave Beverly Johnson and myself, Linda Sparks the opportunity to share our knowledge with all of you via teaching classes on Craftsy - Beverly teaches Bra Classes and I teach one of the Corset Classes. So, if you somehow haven't taken a Craftsy class yet...I think the blog tour will have inspired you to give some a try. Everyone's blogs have had links to discounted classes so check out all the blogs on this tour.

If you're interested in upgrading your corset making skills you can get my corset class "Custom Corsets; Bones, Casings and Busks"
Click on the highlighted link (in the next line) - where you'll also find hundreds of other classes including those used by bloggers on this tour.  The Corset Class and More  Clicking the link lets you preview the class and gets you a discount if you decided to sign up! [As the teacher of this class I am an affiliate of Craftsy and due earn a small commission on sales]
Note: Farthingales is working on creating downloadable patterns identical to those used for the class. The first set have already been posted to the website in the "patterns" section; look for "pattern, waist
Use coupon code "cancups" for a 15% discount on the website. The code is only good for one order so shop the whole site before checking out.

You could win a prize!
Enter TO WIN, between Noon TODAY and Noon TUESDAY, September 20th AT: Seam of My Pants  (one of the blog site stops on this Blog Tour). Click the link to enter to win.
Here is a list of Prizes click on the links to see details.
Prize Winners will be announced on Tuesday afternoon

Prize Pack
Mrs Weaver/Braphoria
Online Bra-making Class
Lavender & Lace bra-making class

Bra-Makers Supply
$25 CAD store credit
The Emerald Studio
Bra Kit
New Release – Latte Kit
Pink & Gold non-stretch lace, Blush Bra tulle for lining, Latte Powernet
Matching Findings with: 3/4" band, 3/4" strap, 3/8" band, Channeling, 3X3 Hook & Eye, Silver Sliders & Rings, Bow
Uplift Custom Bras
Bra Kit
Full kit, with findings and lace from Linda’s private stash, and underwires.
Ann’s Fabrics
$25 CAD Gift Card
Closet Case Files
Online Swimsuit Class
Blackbird Fabric
$50 CAD Store credit
PDF pattern
Any PDF available on this page: or 11.99 CAD off a paper pattern
Bra-Makers Supply
$25 CAD store credit
Central Sewing
$50 CAD Gift Card
* Winner can place an order by phone, or wait until the new website is launched
Custom Bras
Bra Kit (colours may vary)


Here are the stops along the blog tour way...just incase you missed some.

Sunday, September 11

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Sunday, September 18
Whoohoo! It’s giveaway day today!

Monday, September 19
Have you entered the giveaways yet? Today’s your last chance.

Tuesday, September 20
Giveaway winners announced on all the blogs:
Life of a Fairy Bra Mother, Little Heart Threads, Glitter in my Coffee, Michelle’s Creations, Mrs. Weaver’s Finest Unmentionables, Braphoria, Gracious Threads, Élégantine!, Shelaine’s Designs, That’s so Venice, Sprouting Jubejube, Flying by the Seam of my Pants, The Wild Stitch, Farthingales Corset Blog