Corset Making Supplies

Corset Making Supplies
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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hoop Connectors

Hoop Connectors are back at Farthingales!

So what the heck is a "hoop connector"?  It's a small rust resistant clip that slides onto the end of a lenght of hoop steel, slides through a hoop skirt casing and then slides onto the other end of the length of hoop steel...creating....a hoop! 

Makes hoops easy to make, and easy to take apart for compact storage. Great for hoop skirts and Mascots....think the big bellied ones.
Want to know more? Click here "Hoop Connectors" or on the title of this post.

Setting Grommets

I've just tried to set a grommet using an eyelet setting tool....the grommet, washer, and dies are now wedged so tightly together they may never come apart. I knew betterm but obviously was not paying attention. Even when you've got instructions...always remember to set grommets with a grommet setter and eyelets with an eyelet setter!
If you're not sure how to set grommets check out the link - it's really pretty easy...