Corset Making Supplies

Corset Making Supplies
A corset can be worn in any way you imagine

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Sewing Classes and Costume Classes

Farthingales is Expanding

Farthingales has taught corset making classes at many places and offered an extensive list of classes when in Los Angeles, now they're offering them in Stratford, Ontario.

Two large well lit class rooms are almost ready for use with new walls, floors, electrics, windows and sewing machines! The spaces are awesome!

Several professional costumers from one of North Americas premier theatres are offering to teach classes from basic sewing techniques (so you can get up to speed for serious fashion and costume projects) to tailoring, corset making, hat making and ruff making with many other interesting project classes and drafting! 

Weekend Workshops will be offered through out the year with several multi evening classes and many since evening or single day classes. Pattern Drafting Classes, Corset Making Classes, Elizabetha Ruff Classes and so many more.

A few of the classes are listed here:

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