Corset Making Supplies

Corset Making Supplies
A corset can be worn in any way you imagine

Friday, October 31, 2014

New Website

It's amazing how complicated the internet can be. How many "accounts" I have and how many passwords!!! I have Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and ...this blog, as well as a website and I can't seem to keep on top of it all and get anything else done.

But, there is some important news.

Farthingales has a new website and....I built it myself, despite having no web building experience and not really being that computer savy. I'd much rather handle tangible materials like coutil and corset bones! It's been almost a year since I plotted the plan for the new website using "publisher" and figured out all the links and levels AND it's bee one hell of journey - truly, it was like being in hell at times, trying to figure it all out and failing. However the new site is now live - has been for a few weeks and most kinks have been worked out. So I'm hoping you'll all go take a peak.

Same URL as before.

Keep in mind - if you had an account on the old site - you'll have one here. HOWEVER we could not move your passwords due to security, so you need to enter your e-mail address and click "Forgot Password" and a new temporary password will be sent to you. Use it to sign-in and create a new password that you'll remember or ...add Farthingales to your address book and put the new password in the "notes" section.

I hope you'll check the new website out soon and give me some feedback.