Corset Making Supplies

Corset Making Supplies
A corset can be worn in any way you imagine

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Corset Fashion Show

Creativ Festival

That’s no spelling mistake it truly is “creative” without the “e” and the “Creativ Festival” used to be known as the Creative Sewing Festival.
This is Farthingales big event…in fact it’s more than just big because this year we’re exhibiting, Linda’s teaching a one day corset making class and she’s producing what will be a fashion show like no other! A corset fashion show, that’s not about lingerie.

So what’s so interesting about this corset fashion show? How do I explain it….perhaps “corset consortium” sums it up. A group of women and a few good men are joining together to create corsets and model them. I presented the idea of a corset fashion show to some people I know and ended up with 24 volunteers. Ages range from teens to…well somewhere above my 49 . We’ve got novice sewers and professional sewers and everything in between and we’ve got mentors for those who want them. We’ve got models and back stage management, make-up artists and photographers, jewelry makers and fabric painter and a whole load of enthusiasm. Many of the models will be modeling corsets they designed and built themselves and we have no doubt you’ll see some garment you love because every one is developing their own idea of what a corset can be and bringing their own art to project. I don’t want to let any secrets out of the bag but some of the ideas have even had me in awe and I’ve seen a lot of different corsets! What I can say is you’ll see bridal, evening, historic, fantasy and some amazing needle work details.

The show will be held on Friday, October 22nd during the Creativ Festival at the Metro Convention Center in Toronto. The fashion show is free with admission to the Creativ Festival and if you can’t get there for the show you can still see some of the corsets on display at our booth #838.

Come discover what corsets can really be, they’re so much more than “old underwear”!

Farthingales at Vogue Fabrics

Vogue Fabrics Store and Farthingales L.A. corset supplies have been together now for 5 months and while the joint venture has seen some challenges it’s been a pretty smooth transition. There have been some complaints about price increases and some about Vogue Fabrics not having all the items that Farthingales L.A. did so it’s likely a good time to explain this.
As most of you in the US are likely aware your economy has not be strong the last 2 years and that’s meant than many people – likely even some of you, have had to cut back buying stuff that you didn’t have to have. Unfortunately that meant corset making supplies as food, rent and gas for the car understandably takes precedence. During that time Farthingales did not raise prices despite our costs increasing – suppliers raised prices, shippers raised prices, our rent went up etc. etc. but we tried to keep our product affordable to keep sales happening. Sales still plummeted so we considered how to keep our presence in the US where our American market can have the best (fastest and most economical) access to our superior products. The answer was; find a distributor. We had tracked our sales very carefully and knew what products sold well and which did not and it made no sense to transfer poor selling product to Vogue Fabrics and simply have it take up space when some of that product sells better from our Canadian location. So, “No”, Vogue Fabrics does not have all the product that Farthingales L.A. had – namely garter supplies. However, by joining Vogue Fabrics our clients now have access to so much more than basic corset making supplies. We also did not move our petersham or corset lacing to Vogue Fabrics as they had a much larger selection than we ever could consider! They have tons of colours and a huge selection of other ribbons, tools and patterns as well as fabrics. You really need to explore Vogue to see what a great joint venture this is – you get a lot more shopping opportunity than Farthingales L.A. could ever offer. But, “Yes” prices have increased. They had to increase to accommodate the cost increases that Farthingales L.A. had seen over a two year period. Vogue Fabrics has not until recently implemented the “bulk pricing” policy that Farthingales L.A. had in place. We agreed that time was needed to see how this project worked before we invested more time to develop the “bulk prices”, only recently have there been inquiries as to better prices for large volume and this issue is now being addressed – some items now have bulk pricing options in place and others are pending. Vogue Fabrics is dedicated to being the best option and make every effort to accommodate customer needs when they are able.

You can see what Farthingales L.A. now offers at all corset related product carried by Vogue Fabrics are listed here and each link will take you to the purchasing page on the Vogue Fabrics web site where you can shop for anything sewing related.

Anime Central 13

Anime Central

Is our second soonest event and will be a joint effort by Farthingales L.A. and Vogue Fabrics Store in Rosemont, Illinois Friday May 14 through Sunday May 16th at the Donald E Stephens Convention Center. Anime is amazing and you’ll have a great time if you can make this event where we’ll have corset supplies and CORSET KITS designed for easy sewing…the idea is “make it today wear it tonight”. This show has sold out of vendor spaces now so it’s bound to be a great opportunity to see everything you could possibly want for Anime.

To see more Farthingales Corset Supplies go to

To see more about Corset Making Kits go to

Sewfest West

Sewfest West

Here at Farthingales we’re preparing for a few events and the one that’s approaching fastest SEWFEST WEST April 30 & May 1st to be held in Kitchener, Ontario at the Bingemans Conference Center.

We’ll have a booth at SewFest West and will be selling corset patterns, corset books and busks and we’ll have some corsets on display – we are not taking a lot of product to sell as our selelction of bones is too extensive but we will have a bone display so you can see and feel the various qualities. Farthingales is an on-line business and this is an opportunity to see what we’ve got and pick-up a few things without having to pay shipping.

SewFest West is a brand new sewing event and the cost to get in is only $5.00 with free parking, free shows and free seminars.

Show starts Friday April 30st at noon and runs until 8 p.m. opening again at 10:00 a.m Saturday May 1st and closing at 6:00 MARK YOUR CALENDAR now so you don’t miss the event.

You can find all Farthingales product at

Please do not place an order and ask us to bring it to the show, we have so many things to do when prepping for a show on top of everyday work that we cannot try and bring orders with us.