Corset Making Supplies

Corset Making Supplies
A corset can be worn in any way you imagine

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Regency Corset decoartive bone casings

The coutil I used for this Regency Corset was a coutil in cream (the cream shade is no longer available but white, black and beige are). I opted to use pale pink thread for the top stitched bone casings and I used a decorative stitch to enhance the casings and make them a design detail. The result was a very pretty corset.

Regency Corset - cording detail

I used the Mantua Makers Regency Corset Pattern for 1800-1820 to make this corset which I made from rose brocade coutil. The cording in the photo was not a detail discussed in the pattern but one that I added.  The lacing method used was "spiral lacing".     
 All product used can be found on the Farthingales website                                                                     

Monday, October 31, 2011

Soufle, Souffle, Soofull

Remember the fabric we used years ago that could make a costume look like there was just skin.  It was called souffle and was a nude colour and very fine. It had minimal stretch but great memory so it could be used on dance and skating costume as it moved with the wearer but retained it's shape. Well I've seen fabrics that look like it but don't have the characteristics it had BUT now I've found a fabric that doesn't look like it but does have the same characgteristics.

Check out the net section of our web site - this item has just been added today in nude and in black and it's 300 cm wide - that's 118 inches.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Striped Corset

Book 2 is in the works and includes a chapter on working with stripes.

It should be on it's way to the publisher by the new year and available for purchase in 2013.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Silk and lace corset

JoAnn Zegers is making a corset for her grandaugher Emily to wear on the Corset Fashion Show runway during the Creativ Festival October 22nd.

She's layering fine black embroidered net over silk duopioni that fushia shot with black.

The plan is to pair the corset with black skinny jeans.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Corset Fashion Show Work Week

Leather Waist Cincher

Kathi Posliff has started her corset! She stenciled a pattern onto pre-cut waist cincher pieces then stiched along the pattern that she had traced onto the leather and it's under layer of gold silk.

you can see Kathi's corset and about 35 others at Farthingales Corset Fashion Show during the Creativ Festival in Toronto October 22nd.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Just one corset..of many

Production for the Corset Fashion Show is well underway! This is just one of many corsets that will be featured and it's not quite finished - it's also not on a proper sized mannequin.

This corset was created by starting with Vogue Patterns dress block/sloper. How I did it will be outlined in my second corset making book which unfortunatly will likely not hit stores until 2013. It's made from deep magenta Chinese brocade and features a hidden busk.

For discounted tickets to the Corset Fashion Show check out the "Sale" page on the Farthingales web site.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hoop Connectors

Hoop Connectors are back at Farthingales!

So what the heck is a "hoop connector"?  It's a small rust resistant clip that slides onto the end of a lenght of hoop steel, slides through a hoop skirt casing and then slides onto the other end of the length of hoop steel...creating....a hoop! 

Makes hoops easy to make, and easy to take apart for compact storage. Great for hoop skirts and Mascots....think the big bellied ones.
Want to know more? Click here "Hoop Connectors" or on the title of this post.

Setting Grommets

I've just tried to set a grommet using an eyelet setting tool....the grommet, washer, and dies are now wedged so tightly together they may never come apart. I knew betterm but obviously was not paying attention. Even when you've got instructions...always remember to set grommets with a grommet setter and eyelets with an eyelet setter!
If you're not sure how to set grommets check out the link - it's really pretty easy...

Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Bone Tipping Tool is Back

The Farthingales Bone Tipping Tool has made a comeback. It's a little different from the one in the past but still CUTS and Tips spiral and spring steel bones!

It makes custom corset making a whole lot easier on your hands and faster. We only had 12 made and 4 have already shipped to costume shops as far away as New Zealand.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

new book

I've started work on book two; a more advanced corset making book. It will include step by step directions for making different types of corsets like this one that illustrates matching lace.
The shows matching lace at center back

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

WebSite Transition

We now taken down the old web site - if you go to it you SHOULD be redirected automatically. This aspect seems to be working but there are still some pages that don't. We're working on this.

However, at the moment the e-mail has not started getting forwarded despite being set up to do so. If you've sent us an e-mail since noon on May 3rd we may not have got it if the address was
Please resend to

Monday, April 25, 2011

Corset Fashion Show 2011

The 2011 production of the Corset Fashion Show is underway. There are more than 40 people involved this year including professional make-up artists from Shoppers Drug Mart.

No exciting photos to share yet. But I've started the mockup for one of my 3 corset entries. The end result will be a deep magenta satin with butterflies. The mock-up fitting is the end of this week.

I'm also starting a leather corset for the show.

This years corset show will be on Saturday, Octobe 22nd at around 3:00 (time has not yet been confirmed.) It will be held at the Toronto Metro Convention Center during the Creativ Festival.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Grommet/rivet setting machine

The new web site seems to be full functional and relatively glitch free. It's been a long haul and there are still things to tweek. But then...there always will be.

We got several new items on the new site including two machines for setting eyelets(grommet) and rivets! These two machines come with both dies and.... eyelets, washers, rivets and D-rings (lacing rings). If you're spending alot of time and energy setting grommets with a hammer it might be time to consider this investment.  

We've also got black metallic busks, diamond busks and antique brass busks!

But perhaps most importantly is all the "How to" information.

So if you haven't been to our very attractive new site...visit now. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Corset Fashion Show

This is the first entry about Farthingales Corset Fashion Show 2011. We've had the first meeting with 28 attendees and 14 contacts - wanting to be involved but unable to make the meeting. So we are off to an amazing start.

Show date is during the Creativ Festival in Toronto, October 21-23, 2011.

More details will be posted as they come in.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Corset Fashion Show DVD

Is now on Youtube so anyone can see it.

It's in three parts, and these are the links: