Corset Making Supplies

Corset Making Supplies
A corset can be worn in any way you imagine

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Red and Black Fairy COMPLETE and on the Runway

Sharon Gasgarian and her niece Megan Gashgarian collaborated on this work of art worn by Sharon's daughter Sonia.

One a truly incredible line-up this corset has wings and panniers. The wings were the work of Megan Gashgarian and they inspired alot "How'd she do that?"

You'll be able to see more pics of this outfit on

Embroidered silk corset by Melanie

Melanie is just one of many corset maker/model involved in the Farthingales Corset Fashion Show at the CreativFestival last week.

She embroidered the front panels of this hot, hot pink corset before she cut them. The embroidered images mirror eachother and are beautifully embellished with heat set crystals.
Photos of the show can be seen at
We'll be adding more pics so check this link again.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Steel Corset

This welded steel corset was made by Heather Ruthig and modeled by her in Farthingales Corset Fashion Show on October 22nd.

Heather drafted the pattern, cut and welded the steel and added leather detailing. She painted some of the steel with a black laquer and coated the rest with a clear finish.

The corset is lined with suede and the back is two leather panels that get laced just like any other corset.

Corset with Aboriginal Inspired Beading

 Jeff Chief of Saskatoon created this corset and dress ensemble that was featured during the recent Corset Fashion Show at the Creativ Festival in Toronto.
The simple black dress has a coutil collar trimmed with glass beads that Jeff attached one by one to create the classic motiff.
The corset is a single layer of coutil that Jeff dyed to deep red. He's added glass beads to severl of the bone casings so that the corset co-ordinates with the dress. The outfit was completed with a stylized top hat made by Thea Crawford from organza that was made into several feathers.

Photos of the complete look will be posted in the near future

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Behind the scenes at the Corset Fashion Show

 The Corsset Fashion Show at the Creativ Festival took place on Friday. There were over 20 of us prepping in the hotel before - getting hair and make-up done and getting dressed into our first looks.

Who needs alchohol when you get that many women in one hotel room - then we got on the elevator with one poor or ....very lucky man.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Corset Fashion Show is THIS Friday

The Creativ Festival  starts Friday, October 22nd and runs through Sunday the 24th. Linda will be teaching corset making all day tomorrow. Setting up for the show on Thursday and's the CORSET FASHION SHOW

The Corset Fashion Show will feature 30 corset in and incredible mix of styles and material. There will also be corsets on display at booth #838 all weekend - the display will change each day. The dress rehearsal was this past Sunday and it went smoothly - no dressing challenges despite so many corsets.

The show will be video taped and posted to Youtube, likely next week.

Tickets to get into the Creativ Festival give you admission to the fashion show to!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Farthingales Corset Supply on TV

Tomorrow Linda of Farthingales will be featured during "Morning Live" in a brief segment at 8:20 a.m.
She'll talk about corset making and the upcoming Corset Fashion Show.

If you don't get CHCH TV or miss the 8:20 a.m. segment you can catch it any time later in the day at  just scroll down the page of "recent news".

Friday, October 8, 2010

Black and Red Corset with fairy/butterfly wings

 Sharon Gashgarian has been on an incredible journey...of the corset making kind. A sketch for her corset is in one of my earlies blog posts.

Here you can see where Sharon has pinned her many fabrics to a dressform to get a visual for what she plans to build. I work very much the same way and ironcially I chose the same colour pallet for my corset contribution to the Creativ Festivals "Corset Fashion Show".

In this photo the corset has been sewn together and teh wings attached. The corset is not yet finished.

Sharon created the fabric from tiny bits that she sandwiched between two layers of water soluble webbing. This has created a very organic shading and patterning.

The white cages you can see at the hip is a creative version of an historic pannier.

I can't wait to see this corset on the runway.

There will be a videographer and two photographers at the show so I'll be posting pics from the show here on my blog and the video will end up on YouTube

New Look for Farthingales

We built the Farthingales web site 10 years ago and it's been rennovated many times since but now it's time to rebuild. The image on the left is one of our corsets during a photo shoot with Photographer Rebekah Boyle while I was in L.A. I've always loved this group of images so it will be the cover page of our new site due to launch in January 2011. 

It's obiously one of my favorites since it's also the image for my blog :-)

Friday, October 1, 2010

What is a Waist Cincher?

I get asked "What is the difference between a corset and a waist cincher?"              A waist cincher is a corset - but it does not cover the chest area. The focus of a waist cincher is just to cinch in the waist, the blue corset is a short waist cincher and the bronze one is a long line waist cincher. Waist cinchers can be underwear but they make great fashion accessories and are alot easier to make...because you don't have to fit the bust. Rye and Ginger kits offers waist cincher kits.