Corset Making Supplies

Corset Making Supplies
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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Corset Fashion Show

Creativ Festival

That’s no spelling mistake it truly is “creative” without the “e” and the “Creativ Festival” used to be known as the Creative Sewing Festival.
This is Farthingales big event…in fact it’s more than just big because this year we’re exhibiting, Linda’s teaching a one day corset making class and she’s producing what will be a fashion show like no other! A corset fashion show, that’s not about lingerie.

So what’s so interesting about this corset fashion show? How do I explain it….perhaps “corset consortium” sums it up. A group of women and a few good men are joining together to create corsets and model them. I presented the idea of a corset fashion show to some people I know and ended up with 24 volunteers. Ages range from teens to…well somewhere above my 49 . We’ve got novice sewers and professional sewers and everything in between and we’ve got mentors for those who want them. We’ve got models and back stage management, make-up artists and photographers, jewelry makers and fabric painter and a whole load of enthusiasm. Many of the models will be modeling corsets they designed and built themselves and we have no doubt you’ll see some garment you love because every one is developing their own idea of what a corset can be and bringing their own art to project. I don’t want to let any secrets out of the bag but some of the ideas have even had me in awe and I’ve seen a lot of different corsets! What I can say is you’ll see bridal, evening, historic, fantasy and some amazing needle work details.

The show will be held on Friday, October 22nd during the Creativ Festival at the Metro Convention Center in Toronto. The fashion show is free with admission to the Creativ Festival and if you can’t get there for the show you can still see some of the corsets on display at our booth #838.

Come discover what corsets can really be, they’re so much more than “old underwear”!

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