Corset Making Supplies

Corset Making Supplies
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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Corset Making Class on Video!

Linda Sparks of Farthingales is on Craftsy

Craftsy is the fastest growing crafty community on the web with over 5 million members in over 200 countries but so many people I meet, have never heard of this group. If you follow this blog or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram you'll soon hear about Craftsy because Linda Sparks, owner of Farthingales Corset Makings Supplies and the author of The Basics of Corset Building has taped a Corset Making Class with Craftsy.

You can take a Craftsy on-line class and watch it whenever and wherever you want and your access to the class never expires! You can even take "virtual notes" while watching the videos and post questions to the instructor. So, if you've ever wanted to take a corset making class but couldn't get to one, you can now.

The title of this Craftsy corset class is "Custom Corsets - Bones, Casings and Busks". It was developed with the "newbie" corset maker in mind; someone who has made a corset but wants to expand their skills. Linda demonstrates various techniques such as how to make "invisible bone casings" and an "invisible busk", but that's not all...she also demonstrates several bone casing techniques that make bone casings into design details and she demonstrates how to cut and tip bones easily.
Learn how to:
  • Pipe your seams and use invisible bone casings at the same time
  • Create decorative mid panel bone casings to make your corset one of a kind
  • Adjust a pattern so your busk will be invisible
  • And many more techniques to increase the esthetic value of your corsets

Use this link to get preview the class and get 50% off if you choose to buy it!
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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Corset Class on Craftsy by Farthingales

Just Taught a Craftsy Corset Class

I've been back for a bit over a week now and am back into my usual routine, so now the dust has settled I can write about my Craftsy Class.

I started working with Craftsy in the early spring to develop a class that does not build a corset...sounds strange right? They already had a basic corset construction class so our goal with my class was to expand on basic knowledge. The class is still for the "newbie" corset maker but it certainly helps if you've built one already - otherwise it won't make much sense. If you've never built a corset before you may want to take the basic construction class they offer by Alison Smith, her techniques are a bit different than mine but it's still a great starting point.

So....what is my class about?

My class is all about bone casings...and two methods of busk application, of which neither is the standard method. The class is about two hours long and we tried to keep each section to 20 minutes...amazing how long a minute can feel and how short 20 minutes can seem!

I demonstrate some ways to make bone casings into design features and how to make bone casings invisible! So no matter why you want to make a corset you'll discover different ways to deal with the bones AND you'll learn how to cut and tip both spiral and spring steel bones easily.

If you've got invisible bone casings then you just may want an "invisible" busk too...and I demonstrate how to alter your pattern and put the pieces together in order to get "An Invisible Busk"...very cool. The other method is what I call a "Floating Busk", because there is no visible stitching to hold it in place.
Invisible bone casings and a "floating" busk can be seen...or not, in this image. When this corset was paired with a matching skirt it looked like a strapless sundress...all the support of a corset - never having to haul it up and yet, it looks like a strapless dress!

Want a chance to win this class free? 
Click the link below