Corset Making Supplies

Corset Making Supplies
A corset can be worn in any way you imagine

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Our new web site is just about ready to launch. It's ready to view and a good page to start on is our "Tips & Tricks" page. We're really excited about the look and functionality of this new web site that should be fully functional as of January 10th. The site will sell our corset making supplies and you can see our products there now - even the new busks! You can also create your account so that later - you just sign in and don't have to fill in all the info. Check it out!


  1. lol. It took me ages to work out if you click on NEW WEB SITE you're taken to your new website.
    For all the other blonds out there, it's
    Your new website looks great. I re-tweeted it to all my follows as well.

  2. No, sweetums, it's and they don't bother taking their old sites down. And they don't bother to update their e-mail links, and they don't bother to resond to e-mails when the site keeps directing us in the US to the other site and NO NOE HAS ANSWERED MY E-MAIL FOR THREE OR MORE DAYS!!!!

  3. Yes, it is
    The post does say it's not functional yet. Until it is functional we can't take the old site down. And it could be we have not recieved your e-mail - since you've posted as anonymous, there's no way to know.
    It's been really frustrating as we exected the site to go live Jan 6th, now two months later there are still issues being worked out. Once things are pretty good I'll announce that it's ready to go, until then you can peruse what we'll have.