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Corset Making Supplies
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Monday, April 16, 2012

Corset Chick Corset Review

 A corset by anyother name is still a corset....but are all things called corset the same.     By all definitions the garment in the image is a corset but there are many people (who if they were to handle it) might not agree.  Why not? because it's very light and does not appear very strong, it has minimal curves drafted in and is not going to make many women look much curvier than they already are.  So some would say this is not really a corset, but a corset fashion piece or a corset top. 
But it is a corset and it's the perfect corset for some women. The important thing is to know what you  are looking for - not what other people tell you to look for.

This is a super affordable corset and in my opinion it's remarkably well made for the price!  BUT you need to be aware of what you get for a "super affordable price". Otherwise you might be disapointed.                                                                                What do you get?     Well, from you get:   a well constructed corset made from a fashion fabric that appears to have been well fused to a strong foundation - no flimsy fabric.  The corset bone casing are secure and straight - no fraying seams either. Bindings are neatly finished.  For this price range this is the best corset I've seen.                                                                   What don't you get?    Let's be realistic you're not going to get eveything for this price.  You don't get steel bones, at least they don't feel like steel as they are very soft and there is not a lot of support and the bones will likely not withstand much wear before getting bent out of shape (depending on your body). You don't get double bones down the center back - there is one but not on the stress side of the grommets - so there is some risk of grommets popping if you lace too tight. You don't get a stong busk - the busk bends easily.
So what do you want with a corset like this - a fun evening - either out with friends or in with a special friend!  This is not a daily wear corset and it's not a body changing corset. Got a party coming up? - on a tight budget? this is a great option. It's well made so it will look good. BUT, be sure to get the right size as this corset is NOT for cinching down.                                                                           I 've seen what some of you try to do :-).

If you're wanting to wear a corset daily or to trim a few inches off your waist this is not the corset for you. So determine what you want from your corset. Knowing what you want will help you find the right one.                         See more fashion corsets from

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