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Corset Making Supplies
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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Bone Tipping Tool

A tool to apply the tips to corset bones with no effort...

Farthingales has one in production!

Many years ago Farthingales developed a bone cutting and tipping tool. It was a set of hand tooled, hardened steel dies that worked with the power of an "arbor press". They were expensive to produce and the unit was expensive to ship due to it remarkable weight, but they were a great tool for any costume or corset shop that needed to tip a lot of corset bones - both spring steel bones and spiral steel bones. Ultimately they became too expensive to have made as the selling price would have had to surpass $900.00.

It's now been several years since the Bone Cutting and Tipping tool has been made and the last of the dies have been sold. BUT...there is a new product on the horizon!

New dies have been created that will not cut the bones but do apply the "U" tips perfectly and with very little effort. They attach to pliers that you may already own but Farthingales will sell the pliers as well. These bone tipping dies will soon be in production and may be ready as soon as early March 2016

Now that these dies have been proven effective, a set is in development that will work with our eyelet setting press machine, so if pliers just are not an option for you - you can use an eyelet setter press.

No more wondering how to finish the ends of corset bones. No more balancing two sets of needle nose pliers, sticky dip or dabs of glue. These bone tipping dies create a neat and secure finish to the cut ends of corset bones!

When the Bone Tipping Dies are ready it will be announced on Facebook...likely with a special price Follow Farthingales on Facebook so you don't miss the opportunity.

If you know any costumer or corset maker...pass this on!

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