Corset Making Supplies

Corset Making Supplies
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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Coutil, Bra Cups and Links of Interest

Farthingales has seen a few new products arrive since Christmas

·         Coutil – 5 new qualities; black w red dots has been seriously poplar, black w red roses, pale blue grey herringbone coutil and a pale blue grey matte satin coutil as well as a pale lavender rose brocade coutil (we only have half of a bolt left!)  It you’re interested in coutil you’ll want to check these out and if you have not already ordered a swatch pack of coutil – you might want to. Great item to have on hand if only for inspiration.

·         Bra cups – so far just one style in two sizes and in both black and beige. They’ve got a little built in “cushion” to help give a bit of lift. I put them into some corsets between the fashion fabric and coutil layer – no one knows they’re there but they can make quite a difference.

We’re looking into “boning in a casing”…but not the type you can buy almost anywhere. We’re looking at having our incredible German Plastic boning put into a casing so that you can get the superior boning already in a casing for quick application.  What do you think? Is this of interest? Yes, no, maybe? Click the voting button.

I regularly post pics and information on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and on the Farthingales Blog. I post about new product, techniques and projects so any one of these may be of interest.

Check any of them or all of them out.

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