Corset Making Supplies

Corset Making Supplies
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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Coutil Long Line Waist Cincher is my Current Project

.A "Long Line" waist cincher is a corset that comes low over the hip but leaves the bust exposed...unless of course you wear a bra, pasties or something else.  It's a great style to keep a smooth line over the hip area and offers more belly support!

This corset is made from two layers of spot coutil / dot coutil. The outer layer is black coutil with black spots and the inside layer is black coutil with red dots. Two layers of coutil makes for an incredibly durable corset - not matter what it's used for. I used a regular busk but it's a black busk not a standard silver busk. Some of the bone casings are mid-panel and decorative and others are on the seams - some inside and some outside.

This is just one half of the corset and it's still not quite finished

The spot coutil has been embellished on either side of the busk

And some bone casings have also been embellished
The bones will be a mix of spiral steel bones and white steels. There will be grommets with lacing up the back, and the top and bottom edge will likely be bound with black satin bias tape...have not decided this yet.


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