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Corset Making Supplies
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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Black coutil Underbust Corset

The black under-bust corset that I worked on last week is now finished!

It's pretty tiny as it's size 20 and it does not fit any of my dress forms so the shape is not illustrated well here. It's a very curvy piece of work.
The busk may look silver but it's actually black metallic. Red stitching and heat seat crystals embellish one set of bone casings.
The image below shows one side ( the left) of the corset. You can easily see the curve built in to accommodate hips. The back has minimal embellishment since I felt I'd overdone it a bit with the crystals on the front.

The side seams have exterior bone casings covered with the same Petersham ribbon that was used to bind the top and bottom edges. I love working with contrasting thread to make design details like that below.

This is corset is ultra strong being made of 2 layers of coutil. The black spot coutil is on the outside and red spot coutil is on the inside...yes, it looks like it could be worn inside out but it might be a challenge to get the busk done up!
The coutil, busk, bones and Petersham
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