Corset Making Supplies

Corset Making Supplies
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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Hoop skirts are easier to make with hoop connectors!


So what  is a "hoop connector"? 

 It's a small rust resistant clip that slides onto the ends of a length of hoop steel to connect the two ends and create a hoop.
The ends of the "hoop connectors" are rounded so it makes sliding the hoop steel into the casing easier because there are no corners to catch on the casing.

Slide one end of the hoop steel length into a "hoop connector" then slide the "hoop connector" into the casing. When the "hoop connector" comes out the other end of the casing, slide it onto the back end of the length of hoop steel...creating....a hoop! 

Making hoops couldn't be easier to make, or easier to take apart for compact storage - and for travel (my Civil War hoop petticoat fits in the outside pocket of my suit case - easy access at the airport if needed). Great for hoop skirts and Mascots....think the big bellied ones.
Want to know more? Click here "Hoop Connectors" .
"Hoop Connectors" come in two sizes and are custom made to fit Farthingales hoop steel which is 10mm (approximately 3/8") and 14mm (approximately ..but not quite 5/8").  Farthingales "hoop steel" is "spring steel" so it keeps it's shape and yes - you can walk through narrow doorways or sit down without any problems.  The hoop steel is coated with a white finish so there is no worries about oxidation/rust.   offers more than just corset making supplies!

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